Monday, May 11, 2015

Show & Tell

Mondays are Show & Tell days in Mrs. Dixon's kindergarten class, and Evan decided last week he wanted to bring the twins! We asked and made a plan, and today we stopped by to show class the twins at 9 months old. Evan introduced them, described the cool things they do like crawl and babble, and talked about how he helps and is an excellent big brother, like feeding them, being an excellent helper to mommy and daddy, and playing and reading them books.

All the kids sat in a circle and the twins demonstrated their crawling skills; I was sure they'd get scared at all the new faces, but both were enraptured with the kids. The class predicted how many teeth each baby has, and identified differences they saw. 

As we packed up to go, Mrs. Dixon had the kids recap what they'd learned about twins and babies. Later in the day, the class has creative writing, and all were assigned to write about the twins. Evan came home bursting with pride because, "Everyone wrote about the twins, and since they're my twins, my name is in EVERYONE'S journal!" It was a great morning, for sure!

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