Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mr. Mustache

The goody bag from Brayden's Cowboy party indcluded a 3-pack of mustaches.  Evan thought it was hysterical and hammed it up a little for me.  Each one of these is somehow funnier than the last! We just might wear these everywhere for the forseeable future.

Horsing Around at Brayden's 3rd Birthday Party

Today we drove out to the country to celebrate a classmate's 3rd birthday.  Evan has been incredibly excited since receiving the invite... it had a distinctly Western theme and said there would be ponies.  Now, Evan's never been one for loving animals he doesn't know, so there was a 50-50 guess how the pony part would go over.  But, always being one for a party, especially for one of his friends, Evan packed up his Cowboy hat and off we went. 

Brayden's party definitely didn't disappoint!  There were two ponies there, and while I was setting down my jacket, Evan hopped right up on one and started riding around!  I was somewhat shocked to see him up there when I turned around, but he was happy as a clam.  He didn't want anything to do with petting the horse, and thought it was pretty amusing that the horse started nibbling on his handler's sleeve as they were walking around the yard, but he was incredibly brave and so proud to be the first to ride the horse. 

While the kids took rides on the black pony (I can't for the life of me remember his name), Brayden's mom came out with fingerpaint, but no paper.  Hmmm... Yep - they got to paint the white horse!  Thunder stood patiently as all the kids loaded up on washable paint and made handprints all over his sides.  He was quite the piece of art when they were done.  What a clever idea!

As more kids came, the bouncy house was definitely the place to be.  It was pretty much an all-boys party, and I'll bet they're all completely exhausted tonight.  We parents had to drag them out of the house for cupcakes, and usually the mention of sugar sets them running.  It was a fantastic party.  Happy Birthday Brayden! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Swimming Graduation

Evan graduated another level of swimming! He's been working hard at being a Purple Minnow for the last 8 weeks, and, with the help of Miss Blair, accomplished all his skills. (The shallower and warmer pool was closed for cleaning today, so they were in the big pool, hence the lifejackets.)  Like most 3 year olds, Evan has a very enthusiastic and high kick, especially when on his back.  We're going to practice our floating and kicking and scooping all summer, and be really ready for the Red Snapper class next!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nap with the Guys

After a small backslide, Evan is back to being a fine weekend napper.  His favorite way to nap is backwards on the bed, surrounded by all his "guys."  Every one.  And some of Drew's if they're available.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

UVA Spring Game

Note: March is now filled with posts too, so check them out!  

It's time for the Orange vs. Blue game already, so we headed down to the stadium to play some games, have lunch, and watch a little football.  It was a gorgeous day, with weather near 80 and a perfect breeze.

Evan was beside himself with excitement when he found out that there were activities on the "real field" that he could do.  Mike took us through the inside of the stadium so that we came out the tunnel where CavMan and Sabre ride, and Evan's feet barely hit the turf he was running so fast to be one of the "big boys."  We got the midfield and got our bearings, and Evan seemed to have a radar sense to find a football.  After playing catch with Mike for a minute or two, the kids running at the tackling dummy caught his eye.  He figured out quickly that all you had to do was run full speed at the big blue bag and smash into it as hard as you can... Perfect!

While Evan tackled... and tackled... and tackled..., Drew was content to hang out at midfield and play with the football.  I strategically sat him in the middle of the V Sabre logo to get prime photos, and he obliged.

When we finally tore Evan away from the tackling dummies, he made straight for the throwing games, where we found his best buddy Connor.  They took a couple turns at tossing the ball into the holes, almost making it a couple times.  The coaches started to clear the field in preparation for the game to start, so we took the boys up the hill (straight up the hill) for more fun until the team was ready. Up there we found more throwing games and a big slide - perfect!

We took a little snack break on the low wall above the hill, which turned out to be the perfect seats to watch the game preparations.  We were in the shade of the scoreboard, and had plenty of room to run and play.  The boys played catch and tackle and other boy-games on the hill, nearly rolling down a few times, and Mike even raced them to the bottom.  I think they all realized their mistake when they got to the bottom though... they had to come back up!  They all made it, and just in time to find Connor's dad who took a great shot of the two big boys wearing real game-worn football helmets.  They were as happy as can be.

It was rough to get them to head home, but I don't think Evan will stop talking about being on the field for a long time.

Friday, April 13, 2012


At the UVA baseball and lacrosse games today, we sat with our friend Kate and her friend Sydney.  We had a fun time hanging out and eating ice cream, and playing catch too. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Lookin' Out My Back Door

While playing outside today, we found two caterpillars, smelled/pulled at the azaleas, slid down the fire pole on the swingset, swung on the swings, and played in the sandbox with the umbrella.  It was a good afternoon!