Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reading to Ernie

There really are no words to describe how darn cute this is!  Evan's very into practicing his big-brother role, and happy to practice on Ernie.  Amazingly, Ernie doesn't mind being read to... especially when the stories are so short.  I just love the way Evan says, "The End!"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dr. Evan

Way back before he was even born, a friend gave Evan a doctor kit.  That friend also happened to be our OB - maybe he was trying to help influence baby's career?  I guess it worked!  Ev's been very interested in doctors lately, so we decided it was definitely time to dig out the "ages 3+" toy and see how he'd do.  He absolutely loved it!  We've been playing doctor a lot lately.  He wears the stethoscope around the house, listens to our hearts, mommy's belly (so cute!!), and our feet, gives shots, takes your temperature (in your ear), and gives out band-aids. 

Monday, January 24, 2011


Ev loves playing football.  Lately he's advanced to taking hand-offs.  Maybe he'll be a great quarterback some day... Even when he fumbles, he recovers them well and still manages to complete the pass. 

But even great quarterbacks lose fall down some times.  So Ev puts on his balance bracelets to help him stay upright.  This one's for you, Cousin Amanda!


Evan found my work headset today, and realized it works much better for being a Football Coach than for boring work webinars.  Amazingly, he's right!

Friday, January 21, 2011

PJ Day!

The theme at school this week was Teddy Bears.  The kiddos explored different colors of bears, textures, and painted lots of pictures of bears... sleeping, eating, and playing.  They sang cool songs like the Teddy Bears Picnic.  At today's culmination of Teddy Bear week, everyone got to wear their PJ's to school and bring their favorite bear.  They watched a movie about bears (what else) and had Teddy Grahams for snack. Ev was fired up to wear jammies (footie jammies nonetheless) to school, but we did have to spend a moment talking him out of taking his football instead of a bear!  Then he got it, and immediately grabbed Syd - the flat teddy our friends the Bishops sent from Sydney, Australia when Evan was born.  He's a great buddy!  Of course Evan still needed shoes so he could play outside, so we added yellow galoshes to complete the look.  And don't you know, wearing a front-pack is the newest fashion! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello, Baby Noah!

Auntie Angie and Uncle Curt came to town this weekend!  It was the first time we've gotten to meet Baby Noah, who's now about 6 months old.  Gramma and Grampa P were here too for the weekend, and while short, it was lots of fun.  Evan couldn't have been more excited to see Gramma and Grampa... until he saw Noah.

Evan's obsessed with babies.  Even before he knew he was getting a little brother or sister this Spring, he loves to go in the baby room at school and always points out babies wherever we go.  He's very kind and gentle with them, and is completely enamored.  So to have a baby almost of his own for the weekend was a complete joy.  He helped by unpacking Angie's entire diaper bag to get each and every toy for Noah, and wanted to know what he was doing at all times.  Evan asked to hold Noah, so we sat the two of them in Evan's chair.  They were both super happy to snuggle and laugh together.

A teacher at school came up to me later in the week and congratulated us on having a girl, and what an interesting girl's name.  What, I wondered?  We don't find out the gender of the baby and we certainly don't have names picked out yet.  Hmm.  When I questioned her, she laughed and told me that Evan has been telling everyone all week that he's having a baby sister - named Noah.  I guess he just loves his cousin.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Paci No More!

It had to come someday.  However, we were putting it off as long as we could. This kiddo loves his paci, and neither of us relish the thought of a battle of wills against a 2 year old... we all know who would win that one.  What's the best way to go about it?  Cold Turkey?  Eliminate naps first, then go for bedtimes?  Use the Paci Fairy story?  Donate them to babies?  Trash them?  Have a goodbye ceremony?  Since he was tiny, Evan's never had paci other than when sleeping, but it's become quite the lovey during nap and bed time.  He MUST have the paci.  We put 2 extras on the book shelf next to his bed at night, so when one drops out of bed, he can get another.  If it's not there or he's dropped all 3 during the night, he screams for us to come dig around under the bed and get him a new one.  Along with Doggy, it's the one thing he simply must have for sleep. 

Today's basketball game was a noon game, so we braved the time and went to the game, knowing the end would be pushing against nap and I might have one cranky kiddo on my hands.  He had a blast at the game, as usual, and played hard with his buddies.  We could see Evan hit the wall when he got tired, and he climbed up in my lap asking to go home.  I took a chance and told him I had left paci in the car, hoping he'd just be so tired and fall asleep at the game.  Despite the noise and action, he did!  As I carried him out to the car, he sleepily remembered and asked for paci, but I quickly tucked him in to the seat belt and got the car started.  The movement put him right back to sleep, sans paci.

We got home and he half-woke again, enough to kick off his shoes and, of course, ask for paci.  I was hoping against hope that we could do it - get to bed without really waking and remembering how much he loves, no NEEDS, paci when he sleeps.

It was nothing short of a miracle.  He raised his head to ask for paci, and I had stealthily swiped the extras off the bookshelf as we walked in the door.  I simply said, "Big Boys don't need paci.  You have doggy.  Sweet dreams!" and laid him in bed.  As I practically ran to the door, he quietly put his head down and went back to dreamland.  Hooray! Hooray!  I held my breath through the whole nap, wondering when he'd wake up and demand to have his crutch to go back to sleep, but... nothing.  Wow! 

After nap, Evan got congratulated like he'd just won a Gold at the Olympics.  He didn't need a paci!  What a big boy!  He got caught up in the excitement and was very proud of himself.  We talked about babies needing pacis, and how Evan was so big he didn't need it any more.  Whew!

But wait... that was only one sleep time.  What would happen at bedtime that night?  We talked about it a little when going upstairs, and he agreed that he was indeed a big boy and didn't need it that night.  As I closed his bedroom door, I was terrified.  Would he change his mind and demand it?  Was I ready for the battle of wills if I said no and he threw a fit?  To give in would most certainly mean 10 steps backwards - you can't give in when dealing with a toddler.  To hold my ground could result in tears and a fit like we have never seen from our mild mannered little man.  How would this drama play out?

He amazed me again and didn't make a peep all night. We celebrated again in the morning, and haven't looked back since! 

And we've never looked back.  Sometimes Evan'll ask about a paci when he sees someone with it, solemnly pointing and saying, "That a baby.  Baby use paci."  But then proudly he'll bounce right back and announce, "Evan no need paci - I a big boy!"  Indeed.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another Big Day

Sunday morning - time for waffles!  Evan loves to help, and he was a great helper.  When he saw I was working on the counter and he couldn't reach, he went right into the bathroom and got his stool with no prompting whatsoever.  Clever!  He mixed, and poured, and stirred, and the waffles were great. 

After breakfast, we all took a trip to Grounds, to show the Bichanich's a little more of Charlottesville.  It was overcast and looked like rain, so we all dressed in slickers and brought the 'brellas.  We had fun looking at the architecture, checking out the statues, and pointing out all the little historical pieces that make Grounds so special.   

After a yummy late brunch and a nap for everyone, it was time for watching the Packers.  Evan loved having some friends to watch the game with and comment about all the tackles and big plays.  He's quite the cheerleader, as were Joe and "Tessanie."  It was really a fabulous weekend! 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

At the Park

The weather was pretty great this morning, for January 1, so we spent some time at the park.  We're fortunate to have a great little play park just across the street, and it has equipment that's the perfect size for Evan.  While our friends visited Monticello, Evan ran, Daddy chased, and Mommy tested out the new camera.  I think everyone was happy with their own part!  

Rose Bowl Day with the Bichanich Family

Our awesome friends the Bichanich's came for a New Year's visit - what a great way to start 2011!  We had a fabulous and eventful New Year's Eve: Evan celebrated with the Hunts, and we went out downtown.  We had jump-the-line passes and got in the door of the Paramount like VIPs, where we saw a cool magician/juggler and a horrible comedian.  We then learned most of the bars on Main Street close at 12pm (what??), and got our car locked in the parking garage for the weekend.  I mean really!  Who closes bars at 12 on a Friday and New Year's Eve?  And who closes the parking garage before 2am bar time?  Craziness.

Anyway... we were all ready to watch the Badgers in the Rosebowl on the 1st!  The ending didn't quite come out as we'd hoped, but we had a blast during the game.  Evan spent a lot of the game mimicking the players on the field and playing tackle with daddy and Joe and running running running.