Saturday, October 29, 2011

Evan's 3rd Birthday Party

Today is Evan's 3rd birthday party!  We invited lots of our friends to the Hollymead Fire & Rescue Station for the party.  They had a great space we decorated with red and yellow balloons and banners, had snacks, played "place the doggie on the firetruck" and other games, and colored.  All the kids got their very own fire helmet with their name on it too!  Then the firemen came in and took us on a tour of the firehouse!  We saw the space where they hang out, their kitchen, and where they sleep.  We got to climb on all the firetrucks and ambulances, and they even turned the firetruck's lights on for us.  Then it was back to the party room for cupcakes, temporary firetruck tattoos, present opening, and the post-cupcake sugar high balloon games before handing out goodie bags and saying goodbye.  Everyone said they had a blast, and Evan declared it the best birthday ever.  Here's to another great year!

The Hollymead Fire and Rescue Station
Fire helmets for everyone!

 Pin the dog on the firetruck, coloring, and stickers.

Fire station tour.  The gear room, the kitchen, and sleeping rooms.
Time to explore the fire trucks and ambulances!  The kids climbed and explored and "drove" and pretended to be ambulance patients.  The firemen even turned on the truck lights for us.

 Time for cupcakes!
 Firetruck tattoos, balloon races, and presents.
  Time for goodie bags and goodbyes. 

 Happy 3rd Birthday, Evan!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Drew's First Food

Yumm-Yumm!  At 5 months, Drew's ready for food from a spoon.  He's starting now with baby oatmeal, but soon we'll graduate to the good stuff: apples, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, beans, and more.  He really did well for his first time - not too messy at all, and he got the hang of it quickly.  What a big boy!