Sunday, April 28, 2013

Snow in Spring

Today was a rainy spring day. Great for getting flowers to grow, not so great for little boys to play. So we got out some basic ingredients and made snow balls! It was nothing more than baking soda and water, plus some food coloring, but made for a couple hours of fun. We experimented with different textures - baking soda alone, with a little water, with a lot of water... and tested until we could make balls. We put the "snowballs" in the fridge while we had dinner, then continued the fun in the evening in the bath. The boys thought it was pretty cool watching the balls dissolve, and talking about where their snowballs had gone in the big tub. Super easy, a little messy, fun, and a little science too? Score one for a rainy day!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Florida 2013: 3

We did it. We went to the Magic Kingdom. We weren't sure we should, given the boys' complete and total terror around mascots/characters, but decided that no first trip to Orlando could be complete without this important visit. And it was: GREAT! We watched around corners for characters and avoided them well, went on all the rides we had hoped to ride, were nearly 100% tantrum free, and left just as the rain started. It was an absolutely successful day at Disney. (Warning: waaaaay too many photos coming up...)

We nearly got ran over by a high school marching band from New Hampshire, but they looked so cute and excited! Ok, Drew's a little nervous, but Evan sure is excited! 

Characters... Pluto came out of nowhere and was gone before Evan had a chance to react, so that worked out ok. Crews were filming some kind of show on part of the lawn outside the castle, and the boys were intrigued that it/they might be on Disney Jr., but not intrigued enough to go closer. We watched for a moment then left for more adventure.

Nothing's more adventurous than Buzz's ride and battling the Evil Emperor Zurg! Evan love love loved shooting the bad guys, and was completely taken with seeing himself on tv afterwards. I think the bars are intended to keep kids out, but these two skinny boys popped right in jail with Zurg ("Daddy, is he a statue? Oh, then it's ok!") for a quick photo.


"Gwampa, wook!" (As I steal your hat yet again...)

 There is just one moon and one golden sun...

I adore how Drew rode the rides - always hanging on tightly to someone. There were only two rides that he didn't like, which were admittedly pretty dark and scary/trippy, but the rest he absorbed with the widest eyes I've ever seen.


Real race cars? Yes, please!! 

At some point in here we got smart and downloaded the free Disney Wait Times app, so we could see where the lines were longest and what made the most sense to get a FastPass for. An excellent tool!

Time for a quick 'nannie' to refuel 
while we ask, "Where to next, Grandpa?"

He finally succumbed. Deep sleep. 2 full hours... in the middle of the Magic Kingdom. He was in good company - while the big boys waited for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Grandma and I parked the stroller in the shade and relaxed... with a mass of other parents and strollers containing sleeping youngsters! No matter their language or background, it was universally nap time at Disney.

The only attraction Evan clamored to do twice - climb the treehouse.

Jungle Safari - I'm not sure he blinked the whole time. Disney does a great job making everything look so real, Evan wasn't completely sure the alligators weren't going to chomp a hole in our boat.
"...on a magic carpet ride... a whole new world!"
Evan "drove" our carpet, taking us up as high as we could possibly go.
 Drew's awake now, so... photo op! 

While Drew removes his shoes 
yet again (his favorite pastime), 
Evan yells, "Daddy, let's GO! The pigeon 
is going to sit on your head next!"

If I squeeze Donald's beak, will he quack? 

"Drew, are you tired? I'll carry you."
(So sweet!)

"Drew, you have to hold hands here. 
There's lots of people and you don't want to get lost.
But don't worry, I've got you."

Time for the Mickey show! They were completely mesmerized by the lights and music, (they were good and far away on stage) and Evan remembered the message: 'Your wish can come true.'
His favorite characters? The mean witch and Captain Hook and Smee. Of course.

                                      Mr. Giggles,                                               Evan's "NO MORE pictures,
                          even in the longest of lines.                              Mommy!" face. Pretty convincing.

 Captivated. (He is staring at Ariel, a half-naked mermaid though, so...)

 Love these little baby hands holding on so carefully.

 More, Grandma, More!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Florida 2013: 2

The weather people were calling for rain today, so we needed to find a way to get all our energy out in the morning while the sun was (mostly) shining. Luckily the Dr. Phillips park is nearby. What a great place! There are two massive playgrounds, sand pits galore, and a gigantic spray park for only $2 - a perfect place to spend the day.

"I carry towel. Self. Nono mommy." 

 Spinnies and bouncies and sliders and swings... oh my! 
The giggles just wouldn't stop.

A little rock climbing and he's on top of the world! 

Drew loved the sand. And Grandpa's hat. 
I think he could only see his toes, but that 
didn't stop Drew from wearing it (ie stealing it) 
every single chance he got. 

Discovering (building) dino bones with Grandma

We were the only ones in the water in the morning, 
and the boys loved having all the space in the world to run and splash.

                                  So very cool!                                                 So very sassy...

But that won't stop the "I do it SELF."
Sweet boys.