Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Drew!

Today we are celebrating Drew! Remember this day three years ago?

Now look who's all grown up! 

He's definitely the best 3year old I know! Drew, Words can't say how much we love you and how much joy and silliness you bring to our hearts. I can't wait to see you as a big brother, and am overjoyed that you and Evan are the best of friends. I hope you always stay silly and snuggly and curious. Happy birthday, my little look-alike - enjoy being three!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Softball Games

Monday nights are daddy softball nights, as team Which Wich takes the field. The boys LOVE going to the games, partially because of the jelly sandwich picnics we have, partly because they get to run on the field and practice with the big guys, and partly because of all their friends who come. Either way, it's a fun distraction on weeknights, win or lose. 

Picnic! He won't take that helmet off. He loves looking official. 

In the field after. 

Our fave little buddy, 6mo old Landon. 

Playground time, regardless of age! 

Watching the daddies. 

Let's play our own game! 

Happy Easter!

What a great Easter weekend! We dyed 36 eggs yesterday with our friend Kaia; you'd think that would take some time, but really took all of 20 minutes. The boys aren't that into precision beauty. :) this morning started bright and early with two boys who were sure the Easter Bunny had left baskets, but started to get pretty sad when they couldn't be found. Turns out the Bunny found some good hiding spaces this year, so all was well after a more thorough search. Then there was a great children's service this morning complete with a play and an egg hunt and story in the church grass. Then adults took all 120 eggs (yep) that the bunny filled for ours and Kaia's family and hid them in the front yard... The kids made pretty short work of finding them and sat down to enjoy their contents. 

We woke from nap to delicious food smells and enjoyed the afternoon outside, sneaking candy whenever we (both young and old) could. We hope you had a good Easter too! 

We found our baskets... Finally! 

Peeps... The breakfast of champions. Many apologies to our church seat neighbors for the impending sugar meltdown. 


Happy Anniversary to us! It's amazing where the past 9+ years have taken us. Here's to another 90... And a glance back at April 16, 2005!

Tball Padres

Evan started another tball season recently, again with Mike coaching. We are the Padres! (We tried for the Brewers but the league said they had already used up their blue uniforms on other teams. Boo!)

This is our first time in advanced tball, where you can tag your opponents out and coaches can pitch. We didn't yet force someone who's out to go back to the bench, as it's still about nurturing the fun. But don't think the kids aren't counting outs in their heads! We're a small team, but with definite potential! Here are some pics from a couple practices and games. 

Inspecting his spike shoes for practice. 

Opening Day ceremonies: all the league teams. 

Ready for opening day! 

I. Want. To. Play!!! 

Breakfast at the ball field. 

Safe at first! 

Coach pitch! 

The best little cheering section. 


It's a good night for a little lacrosse! We've been trying to go all season, but games are either weeknights too late or it's been freezing out. This might be our last chance this season! 

Picture Day

How handsome are these two?? 

We can't wait to see how their pictures turn out. 

We used these school pics to tell the world (or at least the Facebook world) about out impending arrivals. We are at 20 weeks and feeling fine! 

Here are bigger versions of the twins' pictures: 
The best we could get of them both. They're getting a little big to get in the same frame. They absolutely were not cooperating for the ultrasound... 2 hours and we still couldn't get all the needed pics! 

One profile 

Another profile 

We found Spring!

The flowers made it though last weeks snow storm, so it's time to share them with our teachers. 


The Shark class is doing yoga twice per week. Here's Evans latest display. 

The Wheels on the Bus...

They're a taking us to New York City! We are thrilled the Hoos are heading to NYC, and even more so that we get to go too. The team flew Wednesday, Mike bussed up with other staff Thursday, and families bussed up Friday. (I don't think we would have gone if I had to drive.) the boys are big fans of their basketball team, but even bigger fans of their friends, so 8 hours in a posh bus with friends and all the movies they could watch was pure heaven. 

Yep, four to a row, because we can't leave anyone out! With our besties, Cameron and Austin. 

Playing trains with EJ between shows. 

All Disney movies, all the time. Plus all the Gatorade we can drink AND a bathroom on board? Thanks, KP!! 

He can't contain his excitement. 

We have arrived. 

Our hotel was the posh Conrad Hotel, just two blocks from the new World Trade Center in the city's financial district. Our bus ride there took us past some great sights, then we had just a couple hours to unwind in the rooms before another dreaded 10:30pm game. We got wired on chocolate shakes and fries for dinner, but secretly hoped another game time Lucky Nap was in our future- we wanted a win! And a free Saturday to explore the city. 

Madison Square Garden was nothing short of amazing. It was re done in the recent past, and looks great.

We got to the arena in time to see the second half of the first game, and quickly the boys started to fade. 
Alas, the lucky naps seemed to have lost their magic, as UVA tried their best but couldn't quite pull out a win. 

A more subdued bus ride got us back to the hotel after 1am where the adults just wanted to crash but the kids (who had napped) had other ideas. 

We walked in the rain to a little breakfast cafe and only had time to pack up before it was back on the bus again for 5 more Disney movies. 

(Yes, they've both switched to Badger gear for the ride home, to cheer on our still-standing team.) 

Bless the bus driver who navigated the trip home flawlessly even though it was raining buckets the entire trip. 

Here's hoping for a return trip to the Tournament next year, and an even deeper run! With Tony and these guys, it's entirely possible.