Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another snow day

6" of snow in Virginia in March? We thought that only happened in WI! We sure made the most of what everyone (except these boys) hopes is the last set of snow days of the season. 

A beautiful castle, aka Mommy's early birthday cake. 

After watching the Olympics, we couldn't wait to get out our hockey set. 

Evan: "Goooooooaaaaaaaaal!"
Drew: "Where'd it go??" 


We celebrated the last Panthers basketball game with a trip to the donut counter. Delish! 


Check out my grocery buddy!

Go Virginia!

Today was another great basketball game for UVA! After cheering super loud, we headed down to the practice gym to hang with the players and coaches and their families... And run off every last bit of energy we have. 

A very rare quiet moment for all four boys... Courtesy of a chocolate chip cookie!

I FINALLY got a tshirt!! Thanks for the assist, Kate :) 

It's a little big, but I love it just the same. 

Drew keeps safe from stray shots by running and covering his head... 

Now: Time for bed!! 


The boys were looking a little shaggy, so we went to visit Ms. Lauren for a new 'do. Of course, we decided we needed mohawks to complete the look!