Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mommy's Boys

After a long day at up work, mommy and the boys were so happy to be reunited!  We paused from all the playing and fun for a fantastic photo.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Roll Over!

Drew's been practicing and practicing, and now he's got it!  Rolling over from back to front.  Interestingly he hasn't done front to back, which would seem easier, but he's just a little over-achiever. 

Since he's not constantly rolling over, it's become a game to catch when he does it.  Usually I'll be in the kitchen and put him on his back, then check a minute later and he's on his belly.  But we've rarely actually caught him in the act.  Today we spent a looong time on the floor with the video, trying and trying to get him to roll so we can document and share this milestone.  Evan was a great cheerleader, with multiple loud rounds of, "Go, Drew, Go!!"  Evan also is Drew's teacher, showing him how it's done and giving him a helping hand whenever he can.  I don't know if we'll catch it again any time soon, so here it is - Drew rolling over! 

(November PS: Drew stopped rolling shortly after we filmed this. He was great, rolling in both directions for about 3 weeks, then seemingly decided that he now knows the skill and doesn't need to practice or prove it any more.  He pretty much hasn't rolled since.  Everyone, doctors included, tell me that's ok, so we're just going with it.  He'll be crawling in no time.)

Monday, September 5, 2011

We're Happy and We Know It

This evening was full of laughter and songs.  Evan played all his instruments and sang along, joining Drew in whenever he could.  They're quite the little duo!  Drew was happy as could be, laughing and laughing at us and his brother.  Evan grabbed his phone to play, "If You're Happy and  You Know It..."  Drew definitely was happy, so together the two clapped along.