Saturday, June 21, 2014

Clowning Around

Just a little silliness before bedtime.

Notice how Drew's face is always blurry? Child will not sit still! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

We live our daddy! To celebrate him, we got up early and got donuts for a breakfast surprise. We played our favorite daddy-sports and games all day, though we made sure to let daddy have a nap too. For dinner, we took him out for burgers on the downtown mall, and topped it off with ice cream. Thanks, daddy, for always being there for is, teaching us what's right, helping us have fun, and all around being the best daddy we could ask for!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Food Truck Friday

Our neighborhood association is trying food truck Fridays this summer, so we took advantage tonight and had handmade pizza by the pool! Unfortunately it started raining as we were eating, so we ended up taking it to-go. Good thing we live so close!

Then we had a Spider-ms pajama party :) 

Monday, June 9, 2014

At the doctor

Today was Drew's 3yo check up. All was great- he hasn't had asthma problems in nearly 6 months, gained a little weight (though is still skinny as ever) and passed his vision and block stacking tests like a champ. He rocked it! 

Evan begged to come to the appointment so he could "help." I spent a good portion of the appointment with my hand clamped firmly over Evan's mouth as he wanted to give all the answers to test questions and generally talk the doctors ear off. Then came shot time, and this happened:

"Let me hold your hand, brother! 
There, it's ok. It's all done. 
Come here and give me a hug, little brollie! 
You did so good. You were brave! I cry at shots sometimes too. 
You'll be ok. I love you!" 

100% sweetness. I just love these kids!! 

Being a Gentleman

While asking Evan to be good tonight and go to bed nicely, I told him to "get dressed, like a gentleman." This is what I see 5 minutes later. 

"See mommy? I'm a gentleman! I dressed nice just like one. Don't I look like Coach Bennett? He's a gentleman, and I am too."

What a sweet goof! 


We couldn't skip the chance to watch our amazing UVA baseball team take on Maryland in game 3 of tonight's Super Regionals. It was a steamy 82' with massive humidity, but our seats were just past first base and there was plenty of action to keep us entertained. Go Hoos!! Wishing we could travel to Omaha with you!

Coach Evan with a little pregame analysis 

I got one!! Best. Night. Ever. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Evan's Preschool Graduation

Remember when he was this little? His very first day of school?

Today Evan graduated from Pre-K!

It was a lovely ceremony: the kids sang several songs, the decorations were handmade by the kids, Ms. Vicki shared little stories about each child, and they walked over the bike bridge in a perfectly sized cap and gown to receive their diploma. Then cake. Of course cake.

Congratulations, Shark Class of 2014! We are so incredibly proud of you!  

The parents all decided to go in together on gifts for the teachers, and with lots of contributions, gave each teacher a pretty sizeable gift card. I snuck photos of each child one morning and created this "class flower garden" for the teachers to keep in the classroom, and created photo books for each teacher too. The photo books included the headshots of all the kids and I secreted each child away for a quick interview, "What do you like best about XX teacher?" Each child got a page in the book and they turned out absolutely adorable! I hope the teachers like having the keepsake of these great kids.