Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's only February, but we've had fantastic weather lately, which means we can play outside!  Grampa and Gramma from Florida were in this weekend, so we took advantage of the sun and spent the morning outside playing basketball and golf, sliding, and running around the park.  Ev showed off his skills and impressed us all! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Trains have become popular for Evan lately.  He lines up the kitchen chairs and calls everyone in to ride the train, insists on taking the train to school and the store, and immensely enjoys playing with the train he got for his 2nd birthday.  Now he has a real train conductor outfit to wear while he plays!  It has an apron and hat, red bandanna, pocket watch, walkie-talkie, tickets, and even a working wooden whistle (it's cool, but Ernie doesn't like that piece so much).  Here's to safe train travels, everyone!

Cooking Breakfast

One Sunday Morning Special, coming right up!

Evan got a new cooking set the other day and has been busy making meals for us all.  Here he's standing on his stool in the kitchen, right next to mommy - both of us still in our jammies - making eggs.  He's following proper stove procedure by turning the handles to the side and wearing an oven mitt too!  (That's a jelly bean in his mouth in mid-chew - Sundays are for fun treats as well!)  So far eggs are his favorite thing to make, though he's becoming much more proficient at hot dogs and hamburgers too.   It's great to have a kitchen buddy, especially one that comes up with some creative (cheese and banana sandwich, anyone?) and delicious dishes. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Upside Down

Like a typical boy, Ev loves to rough house and play.  He thinks it's hysterical to be upside down too.  We think they're practicing somersaults at his Tumblebus traveling gym class, as he's getting quite good at flipping over.  Silly Monkey.

UVA basketball

Evan and his buddy Connor just LOVE UVA basketball games.  When they're not snacking or keeping an eye on CavMan (to be sure he stays far far away), they pretty much spend the entire game like this:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Read Me, Daddy

There's nothing sweeter than Ev snuggling in to be read to.  He and daddy shared a book, and the couch, for quite a long time this evening, reading books. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playdoh Time

We had a good time playing with a non-sugar treat Ev got for Valentine's Day.  We made little animals and balls and generally squished it all around.  Fun times!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cookie Making

Ev's quite the little baker.  He loves helping with all my cooking, but cookies and brownies especially. I wonder why, when the reward is so sweet!  We made some cut-out cookies for the Super Bowl.  There were footballs, and stars, and cowboy hats and boots because the game was in Dallas.  They turned out quite yummy, even after all the mess.  But isn't that the best part?

And here are the decorations that Ev helped make for our little Super Bowl party.  It's quite a nice table runner!  Our friends who came over were quite impressed.