Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bath & Bed

A little peek into our evening routines...
Tub time. First we dump water on each other (Drew's still practicing)... 

Then ourselves!

Then we dunk and "swim"... 

And have fun making beards. 

Then we shave the beard off! 

 The toys come out.

 Including the paints.

We make masterpieces and get mohawks! They're best formed
with shaving cream... they last the longest and our hair
smells fantastic when it's done!

We finish with a fresh warm towel.
Then Drew gets his asthma nebulizer. It's medicinized steamy air that comes out, and Drew actually likes it - I think it's calming and must feel good. He holds the mask while mommy reads a book, and Daddy gets Evan ready for bed.

 Time for sleeps! Just look at those big-kid-yet-baby-toes!

Then mommy sneaks in a couple hours later to check on
the boys and snaps another picture because they're just so sweet
all cuddled up with Murphy and Stuffy. I can't resist!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On, Wisconsin!

Happy New Year, and Happy Rose Bowl Day!

Watching TV with Daddy.

Ready to cheer on Bucky! (Drew: "Buppy")

Practicing our quarterbacking.

Skyping with Auntie Chrissy.

Thanks for the jerseys, Auntie Chrissy!