Friday, August 31, 2012

Evan's an Oriole!

We're very excited for Fall.  We've got football, cooler weather, apples and pumpkins, Halloween, and T-Ball season!  Yep. that's right: Evan has joined his first organized sports team.  The Northside Orioles (3-6yo) had their very first practice last night, and Evan was incredibly excited.  Mike volunteered to help coach, and was even more excited that Evan's an Oriole - Mike was an Oriole when he played "little" ball too! 
Who knew when we took this photo in May that Evan would soon BE an Oriole?!?

They started with some stretches, and running the bases.

Then there was a detailed but VERY important discussion, about where home plate is.  And which base we run to first ("that one"), and next ("over there") and next (we caught on to the pattern... "third"), and last ("fourth" No! Home plate!)

Next was a big discussion of how to hold a glove, on which hand, and how to throw.  They buddied up for throwing drills, and were able to work up to a respectable distance between lines of kids.  Evan was tossing some pretty well!

Lastly it was time to practice batting - everyone's favorite!  Evan listened well to Coach Pat, took two swings, then hit it nice and solid.

Time to run the bases... and guess who's not too far behind?  Drew wanted so badly to play with the big kids and was not at all pleased to be strapped firmly in the stroller most of the time.  

At the end of practice, an incredibly dirty, sweaty, and tired Evan declared T-Ball "very good."  He was a little disappointed that T-Ball doesn't just mean "run around a lot, hit the ball a lot, and have a party at the end."  The taking turns hitting, standing still while listening to Coach, practice drills, and lack of uniforms (yet) was tough for all the kids.  It didn't help anyone that it was 92 with 99% humidity either.  However, he's already talking about next week's practice, and the first game is in a couple weeks.  This is going to be fun!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


"Mommy, can you put my hair in a jayhawk today? Pleeeaaaase?"
"Do you mean mohawk?"
"Yes, that.  Make it sticky-upy."

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fruits of our Labor

Earlier this summer we visited a small neighborhood "eat local" type festival and Evan got a free tomato plantling and pumpkin seeds.  Around the same time, we went strawberry picking in the fields, and the idea that food doesn't just come from the grocery store was reinforced.  Possibly the same weekend, we stopped at the nursery for some flowers to add to our planting beds, and they had a whole selection of strawberry plants outside.  Evan was overjoyed!  We brought one home, and Evan has been very patient, watching and waiting for his plants to sprout.

The pumpkin seeds unfortunately didn't make it through our vacation week in WI--they were doing fantastically, but ultimately got too dry--but the tomato and strawberry have thrived.  Our lone tomato isn't too big or too red yet, but every morning before school Evan cranes over the fence to see if it's still there (he's worried the deer will eat it) and if it's gotten any bigger.  The strawberries on the other hand are multiplying like crazy - I thought they'd be done in early July, but here it is mid-August and they're happier than ever!