Sunday, September 26, 2010


Look at these two guys - reading Grover books together on the floor!  It doesn't get much better than this. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friend's Birthday Party

Evan had a great time at his friend's birthday party today!  He had a blast playing with different toys, running up and down the big hill, making new friends, and snacking on cake and ice cream. He and the birthday boy don't go to the same school any more, so it was a fun reunion to have them back together.  Thanks for a great time, friends, and we can't wait to play again soon!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A couple good ones from the past months

I needed to catch up on some blogging, but Evan's been keeping us too busy!  This kid can really move.  Here are some fun snippets from the past several weeks.

Just like a big boy, Evan likes to read the paper or a magazine in the morning with his breakfast.  This morning it was the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine.  It was the perfect magazine for him.  He turned every page, and pointed out each and every sport he recognized.  I'm sure someone has the accurate stats, but there were too many "mommy, base-a-ball,", "mommy, sootball," "mommy, 'ennis," "socca," and "bah-ketball"s to count.  Can we get him an advertisement deal or something? 

Here's a very sweet moment - Evan wanted to read daddy a book, and he picked the best one in the bunch!  "Just Like Daddy."

This evening was a beautiful late summer evening.  The weather was perfect for throwing the football around, grilling out, and enjoying our picnic table.  While daddy was grilling, Evan was more than happy to multitask by hugging his beloved football and sitting at the picnic table to keep daddy company. 

Yummy - peas!  There are two greens Evan will eat until the plate is gone: cheesy broccoli and peas.  This is one little guy with a big spoon, a big bowl, and a big appetite! 

As everyone knows, a proper football player needs a proper helmet.  Well, Evan went searching for the appropriate attire one day, and he found the next best thing: the Packer helmet from his Build-A-Bear.  It just barely fits.  But he'll wear it everywhere we let him: in the car, down the driveway, and even to the neighbor's house for an early season game. 

Before Fall truly hits, we spent some time cleaning up some of the flower beds around the yard.  Evan wanted desperately to help daddy with every step.  He put on working gloves and found his kid-sized rake, and jumped right in. What a great helper!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Football Saturday

Evan's definitely a hometown Virginia fan.  He loves to cheer for the 'Hoos - even when they're not the team on TV.  Rest assured all our Wisconsin family and friends - he knows perfectly well who Bucky is and cheers for him all the time.  However, his go-to cheer is "Go Hoos Go!" whenever he sees anyone playing football, baseball, or basketball.  He's going to be a great cheering buddy at the games this fall - watch out, whomever is sitting near us!