Monday, April 28, 2014

Where'd Spring go?

The past couple days gave us gorgeous weather and the beginnings of Spring. Then today? This: 

My poor flowers! 

One more day...

Tonight is our second game in Raleigh... But not until 10:30pm again! Seriously? Ugh. At least we have more time to play! We tested out the cold pool, had good BBQ, and had ice cream while playing soccer with new friends on the green outside our hotel. 

Dipping our toes in the hot tub to warm up. 

Wrapped up in the sun. 

Watching the Badgers make a run to the Final Four. 

Then: game time! 

"Go Hoos!" We're still cheering waaaay past our bed times. 

Yep, we fell asleep again. And good thing too: Virginia won! Everyone was absolutely ecstatic. The downside: today is Sunday and now that there's a game in a few days, the ticket office has to open on time. So... At midnight we put jammies on the kids in the stadium parking lot and started driving. We got home safe and sound around 4, fueled by the excitement of the win. Time to wash those game jerseys and pack the bags again: New York City, here we come! 

Raleigh Rest Day

The team may be using their day off between games to rest, but we sure didn't. A friend gave us a lead on a great park, and was it ever! Pullen Park is a couple blocks from the NC State campus, and is acres and acres of green and fun. Admission is free and the rides are only $1 each! Our friend EJ met us there and we played until we all dropped. 

Watching the paddle boats. 

One of many play spaces. 

My train ticket! 

Waving from the train. 

The train

Boat ride! 

A huge carousel! Gorgeous building. 

Plus lunch and ice cream... Each adult walked the long walk back to the cars with a sleeping kid riding on our shoulders. 

Time for the Hoos to Rally in Raleigh!

Holy cow: the Hoos got a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament! So it's on to Raleigh we go. There was barely time to unpack and do laundry... And put our clothes right back in the suitcases. Again Mike went ahead to prep, and the boys and I left Friday at nap time to make the 4 hour drive and late game. (Who schedules these things?? Why start games at 10:30 pm??) Of course we had to stop for a meal in NC, where ... Evan lost his second tooth! He couldn't eat because it was so loose, and he let me give it a gentle tug. He is now 2/2 losing teeth on NC trips. Things we learned: the tiny ketchup cups in McDonald's are perfect
For holding lost teeth, and the Tooth Fairy indeed comes to hotels. 

Raleigh was a blast. We'd never been before, but both Mike & I have friends there who gave great advice on the places to go, and our hotel was attached to an outdoor mall, so we had plenty of options for eating and shopping. Plus a pool! Unfortunately the pool's heater was broken, so that didn't last as long as we hoped. 

Game 1 was Friday evening when we arrived, so after dropping our luggage, it was off to see daddy and do some big time cheering. 

Oh, and ice cream. Definitely ice cream. Why wouldn't we have ice cream at a 10:30pm game?? 

Yep. Lucky nap works again! The Hoos won and we're lucky enough to stay in Raleigh for another 2 nights. 


We LOVE the ACC tournament in our house! There's a car trip (with movies), a fancy hotel, hanging out with the players in the lobby, late nights with friends, and basketball! Mike went down early to get ready, and we travelled with the Hunts on Thursday. We played Friday and won (!!), played Saturday and won again (!!), then played an incredible championship game Sunday and... Won! It was an amazing ride, and the boys loved the confetti drop at the end. Somehow they both slept through most of all three games since game times were during nap times, but by the end we decided sleeping through the games was definitely a good luck charm. Bring on the NCAA tournament... and more naps! :) 

We have arrived! 

The biggest hot dog in the building. 

Lucky nap. 

Our own theatre on the 9th floor. 

A huge bath to splash in! 

Junior Assistant Ticket Guy

Double naps.

Using the flag as a trumpet during our pre-game warmups. 

We found a park to get our energy out! That's the only thing missing from the fantastic O'Henry hotel. 

High fives for Justin and all the team before each game. 

With our fave girls! 

It's too loud in here, mommy! 

Asleep. Again. 


So much confetti! 

Just a Tuesday

A regular Tuesday around here: 

Spider-Man plays hockey

Post-game interviews for the coach

And then we sleep.