Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snowy Evening

After swimming lessons and dinner, it was dark, but Evan was determined to go play outside.  We suited up and had a blast for over an hour!  Now "Frosty" stands proudly in the back yard (and leans a little left, from the looks of it - I hope he makes it through the night) and I'm soaked from snowballs.  Evan, however, is perfectly dry thanks to many layers of gloves, hats, jackets, snowpants, and boots.

The snow was PERFECT for packing, and Evan was thrilled to get out his "scooper" to make perfect snowballs.  It actually works really well!  "Snowball Fight" was definitely his favorite game to play, with me, Ernie, "Frosty," and even the tree.  We ran and ran and ran - and he's got pretty good aim!

Evan started rolling some of the shapes for Frosty, but they quickly got too big and heavy.  Of course, my estimation was off, so by the time I got his belly rolled, it was too big to lift.  Mike came out for a second to help, and together we barely got it up there!  Evan scrambled back in the house for a carrot, though he is worried that the deer who have been jumping our fence to eat the bushes in the past week will steal Frosty's nose overnight.  Hmm, deer hoofprints in Frosty's chest in the morning could be difficult to explain...  We added some bark chips for eyes, a perfect tree root smile, pinecones for buttons, and of course Evan's favorite scarf!

Tomorrow we both have the day off school and work, so we'll see what other snow fun we can make.  I do believe there's some snow-paint in our future if this doesn't all melt... Stay tuned! 

Drew's first snow

It's finally snowing!  We went out and took a few snaps before darkness falls, just in case it's melted by the morning.  We're supposed to get a good couple inches by the end of the storm though, so there should be plenty of fun to be had tomorrow morning. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentime's Day!

Nope, that's not a typo. Evan went from slow-to-wake-up-and-slightly-cranky boy to happiest-boy-on-the-block in an instant once he realized today is "Valentime's Day."  His class has been talking about the holiday and making plans for days now, and practicing love songs and making heart art.  For today's "Love Party" they'll have pizza, make cookies, trade Valentines, and generally have a blast, coming home hopped up on sugar and adrenaline.  Yay!  (sigh)

Before the day got too crazy, we had a little Valentine's celebration this morning.  All the boys got gifts at their places at the table: Daddy got "U Da Man" candy bars, Evan got a Buzz Lightyear action figure and batman notebook, and Drew got a bear and an owl toy.  Evan was thrilled to bits that his bag contained candy, and immediately dove in to the chocolate.  Yummm!  We opened cards from the grandparents (Drew tried to eat his), and talked about the anticipated fun of the day.  Then it was time for a Valentine's photo!  The two boys, all dressed in red, hopped right in the chair.  I intended for them to just hold the "kisses" candle/sign, but Evan decided he wanted to show us what Valentine's Day is all about!  

Here are the valentines we took to school.  I'm in love with them and am so glad I found them!  Evan was super excited to have Superhero Pops for all his friends, and they were easy to make.  The zoo animals were perfect for Drew's class, and with phrases like, "Rhino you're the one" and "I love you from A to Zebra," they just can't get any cuter.  We also packaged up little bags of Kisses for the teachers last night and personalized them as well.  Here's to a great day to celebrate your friends and the ones you love! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Drew's Walking with help!

Look out everyone - he's on the move!  Drew spent some time this evening trying to understand the different perspective of his walker... usually he's sitting in front of it and playing with the flaps and sounds.  In the end, he loved it!  For now we only let him go (very) short distances, since his feet aren't quite keeping up with the speed of the wheels, but practice makes perfect...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cute and I Know It!

Drew's almost 9 months, and has quite the adorable personality.  This little man LOVES to laugh!  He's also handsome as anything, and he completely knows it.  Love this stinker!