Friday, December 26, 2014


A last-trip-before-the-holiday grocery run and some baby snuggles. Dinner with friends and a soak in the tub. An excellent way to wrap up the weekend! 

Where's Evan?  

This lonely balloon walked down an entire aisle with us. No owner in sight and the store doesn't sell these kinds. Oddly magical. 

I'm pretty in my dress! And my quick smile is hard to photograph. 

Cookie making (and eating) time at the B's house! 

Eva is Santa and I'm her reindeer! 
Cutest reindeer ever, says mom. 


World's Best Big Brother

Lexi was sad and didn't want to sleep. Evan wanted to help. Of course I let him... This was how they stayed for over half an hour, watching tv and cuddling, both as happy as can be. 

Preschool Party

Luckily Drew got over his cold in time to attend his preschool holiday party. We sang Spanish songs with Miss Debbie Jo, ate cookies and milk by the tree, and heard a story from Santa! 

A selfie with Eva and Weston while we wait. 

Story time with the Big Man himself. 

Drew and Weston maintained a safe 50-foot radius while everybody else ran in for a hug. 

Come on kids, just one picture? Please? 

Sort of. 

That'll do. I

Candy Houses

Such an exciting project! (Once mommy got the basic construction down...) Not being able to eat them is a hard one to explain. 

Tree Decorating Day

Mommy was not feeling well but the tree is ready to be decorated! Luckily I have two little helpers who were more than happy to do the work. No matter how big the canvas though, their ornaments always landed on the same three branches. Not to worry, I've got tons more to hang tomorrow and fill the gap. 

Go Badgers!

We were hoping and cheering for a big win against Ohio State but alas it was not to be. At least we were dressed for the occasion! 

First Communion

Today Evan celebrated his First Communion with his friends Caden & Kayla! They've been reading and learning for a couple of weeks with Pastor Lauren and were excited to participate this morning. During their lessons, they talked about special meals, read about Passover, remembered their baptisms, and made the bread we used for today's service! They also practiced taking communion so they wouldn't be nervous, including tasting the wine! (Result: "Eew!") 

What a special day! 

Bowling Day

We channeled our inner Southeastern Wisconsinites and went bowling today with friends. It's not cheap, but it sure is fun! After a couple frames, the big kids decided they were pro enough to scrap the ramp and bowl like adults-- but kept the bumpers of course. Mommy got a strike and won the adult lane, and Evan rocked for the kids! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a nice Thanksgiving, including the babies at their first! We slept late, watched the parade and dog show, had a big kid bike ride and football game, ate a ton, and had two rounds of desserts of course! Drew liked the biscuit and turkey, and Evan liked everything, though he said the Mac and cheese tasted like sand. Or feet. But he ate it all, so it couldn't have been all bad! Here's hoping you had a great Thanksgiving! 

Hey, look! They're both smiling! 

Lexi wants pie. 

Adam thinks parade balloons are funny. 

Modeling our Thanksgiving hats. What, you don't have a Thanksgiving hat? 

Everyone NEEDS a turkey drumstick hat. 

Breaking last year's wish bone. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Three in the chair: a good way to snuggle in the evening. 

2014-15 basketball season

We love basketball season! It's the babies' first game on the outside, and they have high expectations after hearing all the postseason excitement last year. 

Apparently Adam didn't love the pictures tonight... Guess he would rather watch the action!

A classic Evan photobomb, with a perfect "mom look" from Sara! 

Mom, get out of my way- I can't see the game!


Sweet dreams, baby girl. 

Mr. Prep

Today's kindergarten look is brought to you by one of the Preppiest Colleges in America!

Monday, November 17, 2014


Adam says hi! He was grinning like crazy, but is enraptured by the camera as soon as he sees it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Despicable Me 2: Gru, Lucy, and our 4 minions! 

ToT'ing on The Lawn and in the neighborhood + ridiculous amounts of candy + amazing costumes + great friends + scary movies outside + a very late night = more fun than these minions could handle!

Thanks to Finn's birthday (and the talents of Maureen Chapman Boisvert) and Etsy, minion hats were a breeze this year! 

Though do you know how hard it is to find a floor-length teal trench coat?? I tried to make a passable Lucy with the next best thing.

Just beginning on our journey through the UVA Lawn - and our share of a reported $20,000 worth of candy being handed out. We definitely got our share!

Then it was back home to hit the neighbors' houses, plus movies in the driveway, with lots of hot chocolate and blankets. 

It was a no-rules, all-you-can-eat, one-night-only treat party! Finally they were totally passed out in front of the fire. though they did make it until 11pm, even with all the sugar coursing through their veins!