Monday, July 30, 2012

Brothers Go To School

While getting ready for school this morning, Evan realized that he and Drew have matching backpacks.  Well, not perfectly matching, he was quick to remind me, but "slimilar."  (Kudos to his teachers for teaching that word!)  However, he was thrilled to wear them together, and Drew couldn't have been happier to follow Evan's lead, though is backpack is nearly as big as he is!

My "momarazzi" moment as I crouched on the ground to get the shot then ran forward to get in position again got some sympathetic laughs from the other parents in the parking lot, but could these boys be any cuter?  And they're holding hands?  It melts this mommy's heart.  LOVE. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Drew's First Haircut

Drew got his first haircut today.  It totally changes his look!  Mommy was very sad to lose the sweet baby curls :(  though it admittedly was time... his bangs reached down past his nose.  He seemed to know something was up, and protested getting into his car seat, which he never does.  But Evan was very supportive on the car ride and told him there was nothing to be worried about... "if she doesn't use the snippers (translation: electric clippers).  Those hurt.  Sometimes." (He just doesn't like the noise where he can't see it.)

Drew sat in the chair like a champ, but was none too happy about getting his hair cut.  He sobbed loudly the whole time, making everyone feel very sorry for him!  Even sitting in daddy's lap didn't help, and neither did Evan kindly giving Drew his Grover.  Drew was distracted for a second when Evan fell out of the chair next to us, but then quickly returned to crying big alligator tears.

Once he was out of the chair, Drew got happy again.  He checked himself out in the mirror, looking at both sides just like an adult.  He even kissed the mirror; I guess he likes his new 'do! 

After, we went next door to Sweet Frog's to "gradulabrate," as Evan calls it (i.e. celebrate) with some delicious ice cream and toppings. 

Here's Drew's before and after shots. Quite the difference!