Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Santa was good to us all this year! We had tons of gifts to open and delicious food to share. How lucky we are! 

What's next? 

Teaching little brother about baseball cards. 

The aftermath... And notice the FedEx boxes we haven't even touched yet! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

It's our annual "go to church and eat lasagna and say goodbye to Rudy" night! 

A little nap before church. 

All dressed and ready! Look at his little jeans and her tutu!! Love it! 

The high school youth performed a shadow play telling the story of the Nativity. The kids were captivated and it was beautiful! 

After service we celebrated with a birthday party for Jesus! Cupcakes, crafts, and friends. What a great way to start the Christmas fun! 

Before dinner we said goodbye to Rudy. He's our North Pole Elf, and we love seeing his antics every morning in December... And the boys get very attached. Rudy has told us that he doesn't need his flying magic on Christmas Eve since he can hitch a ride back home with Santa, so for one day only the boys can play with him. They had a blast flying around the house, but after all the fun, goodbyes are difficult and a tearfilled. 


After all that, we needed dinner! Lasagna by candlelight was waiting for us after church. The boys were so excited to finally light all the wreath's candles... Even though one was a little bent from being too close to the others last week! Ha! 

One present tonight? Sure: it's footie jammies for all the kids! (Adults got new ones too, just not matching footies.)  aren't they adorable? And so cozy! 

There was just enough time to decorate cookies for Santa (Drew took it very seriously) before it was off to bed in the hopes of hearing sleigh bells. Merry Christmas, everyone!