Saturday, September 20, 2014

Minion Party

The boys went to their friend Finn's birthday party today - a Minion party! Mom made super cute decorations and hats for the guests - the boys refused to take them off most of the evening! There were games, a pinata, and even a snow cone maker. What a great day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ATO Baby Party

The folks of the UVA ATO were incredibly kind to give us a little party after the babies were born! The twins loved all the snuggles and the boys loved the attention and playing, especially heading out on the deserted football field after the party. And the big cookie. Definitely the big cookie. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Game Day

It was forecast to be a mostly good weather day, so mommy got brave, packed up all four kids in their best orange and blue and headed to the stadium to cheer in the 'Hoos. As soon as we opened the car doors it of course started to pour, but after only 5 minutes under a tree, we went to join Ms. Roberta's tailgate. Shelby had made a surprise visit home from Auburn, so I had even more hands to help with the kids. 

Yep, there are two babies in the carrier! They're still small enough, and still used to being squished together, so it worked out well. But boy, did we attract attention! Lots of semi-subtle stares, quite a few women jabbing their husbands in the ribs and saying, "Look: twins!!", and not a small number if people who jumped in front of me to make me stop so they could take a peek. It's kind of fun, but a little weird at the same time to know we're such the center of attention. I can't imagine how identical twins feel their whole lives! 

The afternoon turned out perfectly for a game. We were matched up against ACC newcomers Louisville, Kelsey was cheering on the Varsity team, and Virginia won! The big boys loved wandering the stadium with daddy and finding friends to talk to. The babies behaved perfectly: they slept in their carrier almost the whole first half, we snuck down to Mike's office for a mid game feeding, and they were happily and sleepily passed around our section for snuggles the second half. We haven't stayed for a whole game in ages, but everyone did so well! I guess these little lucky charms might just be attending a couple more games this season. 

Parachuters land perfectly before the Military Appreciation Game 

Getting fired up 

They slept through it, but the win still c