Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Momma's Getting New Wheels

The time has come for a minivan. We have spent the last several weekends kicking tires around town. Several test drives, lots of Internet searches, and many friend questions later we are ready!

We said goodbye to daddy's Escape. 

The Chrysler Town and Country is our pick. It's charcoal gray, has black interior, nighttime mood lighting, a DVD player with wireless headphones, GPS, automatic doors, lots of space, and two very happy little boys in the way back. Even mama admits she likes it just a little better than she thought she would. :)

Tummy Time

Here's a baby bump progression from the last several months:

April 12 (photo by Drew):

May 10:

June 14: My view at work:

June 15: What everyone else sees:

July 2: The perfect ice cream shelf!

July 3: at the doctor

July 11: feeling particularly huge today

July 23: